The Franciscan Monastery
The Brod Fortress
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The Franciscan Monastery (baroque)

Samostan 1 Franciscans, noted for their devotion to learning, preaching and charitable work, developed their activity in Slavonia in the 13th century and most probably in Slavonski Brod. Therefore, they granted town its religious, cultural, economic, but also political physiognomy. The first monastery was built in 1694, and the foundation stone for the new church was laid by Baron Ivari Trenk on 12th, August 1723, construction itself being led by Fra Ivan Narančić.
Samostan 2 Church and the monastery were designed according to military drawings similar to some kind of fortress, with over 3,5 m thick foundation, and 2 m thick walls. With its length of 38 m, width of 13,5 m and the height of 13 m, Brod Franciscan Church represents the largest church in Slavonia. Claustrum of the Brod monastery belongs to the most representative claustrum of the architecture in Northern Croatia, and is regarded for "the most prominent Baroque edifice in Slavonia". Sacral and cultural treasure of Brod Franciscan monastery bear witness of continuity of religion, culture and general progress of Brod, its surroundings and population, which is inseparably connected with the Order of Franciscans.
Samostan 3 Library, archive, famous chronicle and music archive testify high level of culture and education which spread from the monastery already at the end of l7th century. Valuable sacral artefacts and paintings reflect strong religious tradition which the Franciscans fostered also illegally in the age of Turkish Empire till 1754 as priests and religious teachers. Franciscan monastery was closed in 1983, first of all due to accommodation of military commission and the German school. Franciscans came back to Brod in 1806 after leaving their monastery in Djakovo.
Samostan 4 The reconstruction of the monastery began in 1983 and lasts till present days. Presently Franciscans promote their activities in quite, modest, non - intrusive and irredeemable pastoral and educational work. In the monastery gather believers eager of intensive spiritual life, and visitors can also look at the Memorial Room of the great Croatian poet Dragutin Tadijanović, who lived here while attending primary school. Since 1995 Franciscans also lead Brod Classical Gymnasium.


Samostan 5
Facade of the monastery

Samostan 6
Interior of the monastery

Samostan 7
In front of the monastery

Samostan 8
Memorial room of Dragutin Tadijanović